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 Secret Killers Society

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SKS Frost
Cherry Popped
Cherry Popped

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PostSubject: Secret Killers Society   Secret Killers Society EmptyWed Feb 25, 2009 4:19 am

Hey NE. My name is SKS Frost. I am the Creator of the Secret Killers Society. We are Mainly Based as a Host for small clans to be under one banner. We currently have SKS running its own little Clan ops. XLR and KI. We are looking to expand if NE is still up and running.
our Main Website is http://www.sks.thaweed.co.cc
Name is subject to change in the Near future.
We are wondering If you would be interested in joining. We would create an actual Website for you for free. and we would advertise ur name to everyone online.
ATM SKS is based on H3. Same with KI and XLR. Soon to start COD4 and CoD WorldatWar.
If interested just email me Frostybaby7@gmail.com OR Send me a message on XBOX LIVE. My account is SKS Frost.
Again I hoper you consider Joining,
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Secret Killers Society
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