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 NE Design Team Intro

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PostSubject: NE Design Team Intro   NE Design Team Intro EmptyTue Jul 17, 2007 2:32 am

This is the section for the NE Design Team. Anyone can apply only few can be chosen.

New applicants must undergo assignments of graphical design to certain specifications. This is called the trial period in which you will named as a trial artist. After trial artist have finished their trial period and passed all assignments they become an official member of the NE Design Team.

The application must be posted in the topic below. The following must be posted.

1. Your Username and/or MSN to get in contact about assignments

2. Do you have specifics to a certain type of sig/banner your good at.

3. Are you familiar with photoshop CS2.

4. What are some previous designs you have done. (post link or image)

Then your done. You will recieve your first assignment ASAP and of course Photoshop CS2 will be provided for you if you have not already recieved it.

NE Design Team Intro NELogov2
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NE Design Team Intro
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