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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Rules and Regulations EmptyTue Jul 31, 2007 7:41 am

Quote :
following rules are to be followed.

-Please Respect All Players and Staff Members unless disrespected first. Also, No excessive swearing towards individuals. (Flamming)

1st time- Warning
2nd time- Temp Ban (one week)
3rd time- Perma Ban
(appeal can be requested by a PM to any of the Admins or Mods).

-No hacking, this is not tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly.

1st time- Temp Ban (one week)
2nd time- Perma Ban
3rd time- IP ban
(No appeal may be requested).

-Only 1 +/- Rep is allowed a DAY. Please do NOT +/- Rep more than once, as it will be to hectic to keep track of on this forum.

-The Lighting Insta Fall is NOT to be used this move (lighting element, massive, Flip) is not going to be tolerated.

-Upon being Reported or Caught is an immidiate Temp Ban of one week.
- Doing it a second time, is a Perma Ban of the account
- IP Ban will be issued the 3rd time.

No Glitching the Following Quest Bosses.

--Kolbold King
--Others are ok to Glitch with moderation, if there is a Team, make an effort to try, if only 1 person in the room, Glitching is deemed acceptable.

-Temp Ban of one Week first offence.
-IP Ban on second offence.

**Glitching Maps**
-The act of glitching maps is banable when used to kill others, glitching maps for fun is ok, but if an admin or recording sees / shows that a person (s) are intentionally killing people through the walls they will be banned.

-1st offence IP Ban


Making Portals to lower / higher levels of the map is not allowed.
Must have screen shot or Replay of proof when reporting.

1st offence Temp Ban 1 week
2nd offence IP Ban

(Rules may be added when things come up, such as preveliges become taken away due to actions of persons, when this topic is updated it is essensial that you read it).
(Added Rules will have ** next to them. The next time rules are updated the ** will be removed on old updates and place on the new ones)

These rules are from the admins directly of the E-Gunz Server

Rules and Regulations NELogov2
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Rules and Regulations
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